Sunday, June 3, 2012

Austin Carpet Cleaning

If you live in or around Round Rock, Texas you know all about the heat and the dust and dirt. And if you have carpets you also know about how that Texas dirt seems to find it's way into everything. You track it in on your shoes, your pets bring it in on their feet and the wind finds every crack and crevice in your home to deposit it where you want it the least. But there is help out there, Austin Carpet Cleaning Service have the tools and expertise to return your carpet to something you love to walk around on barefoot instead of something you hate to walk across in your socks.

And they don't stop at carpets, their deep steam cleaning (the best way to remove deep down dirt) is just one of the services they offer, they can also clean your drapes, upholstery, leather and even refinish your hardwood floors and stone or ceramic tiles. If your renovating, preparing to sell or just want to restore your home to like new condition you should give Austin Carpet Cleaning a call, they have competitive rates and can even do smoke and fire damage restorations.

 And if you have an odor problem, be it from smoke, pets, cooking or any other source Austin Carpet Cleaning can safely neutralize those odors, so all you will smell is the fresh air and the flowers. The use the latest state of the art technology with an emphasis on safety so you, your family and pets can go back to living in your home instead of feeling trapped in it.

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